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Horsed faced, wide arsed bitch that can't even think to the end the sentence that they have just started, let alone have any considerations about future ramifications or consequences. Achieves all this without accepting any responsibility for their actions.
Jon just doesn't give a shit about what he does or says, or what happens to others as a result. He is such a Marler

Declaring a Marler: The breakdown of our relationship was nothing to do with me.
by Mr AAnderson February 04, 2010
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1. Ship name for a Marley and a Tyler. Often a sexual reference. Although Tyler doesn't like Marley back, Marley is still in love with Tyler, most often. Most likely, in band, Marley will reach for Tyler's crotch, claiming she was trying to get something else.
2. An annoying person

doo he got da booty
yeh he doooooooooo
by Ashton Irwin's girlfriend April 16, 2014
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a word used as a wake up call, or otherwise known as a greeting of the day to come upon friends. a very comon texting word for bright and shinning morning.
" hello mary! marlers!!"
by caseandmare69 November 25, 2009
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