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A hot bad ass who is funny and daring. Marlen's are super hot and dangerous. Dating a Marlen would give you a thrill like you can never imagine. They are the ideal girlfriend/ best friend. If you want to have adventures and laugh so hard you can barley breath, they hang with a Marlen.
by Blissful Lemon February 20, 2018
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Marlen is a nice/mean bitch that's always down for anything! She's a badass that gives no fucks and will smoke her lungs out if she wants to. Nobody can tell her what to do. A Marlen is down to fight anyone.
Person 1: Damn who's that beating the other girl up?
Person 2: That's Marlen
Person 3: She smoked a blunt before fighting too!
Person 1: Marlen's a badass then...
by Isabella805 December 02, 2018
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German in origin
Pronounced mar-LEEN

Meaning : One brought forth by the angels. Beauty bestowed upon her by God.
A beauty others wish for.
"That chick is so hot, I wish she was my Marlen"
by Rhino-Stenographer February 06, 2010
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Marlene he funniest person with the amazing beauty and is so weird that makes her who she is
by Zensssssss May 20, 2017
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Marlen is a great person and is the person you will love to be with and loyal and the best bestfriend/boyfriend you could have.
hi is that marlen, oh yeah he/she is great
by Brianna Jordan May 16, 2018
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a close friend that is a girl who you can trust with your life but end up having sex with. She is also close friends with a girl named Anna who’s a bitch who thinks everything is about her.
Damn Marlen really gave me chicken head
by That Foo from Wilma’s February 12, 2019
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