The name Markayla is usually given to a girl who is loud, athletic, and extremely attractive. She is a girl who is fierce, has got a bright personality, and is extremely sensitive. She is also extremely fine lookin, all the guys want her, and she's totally rad. She's pretty, doesn't take no for an answer and is also excessively stubborn. Markayla has beautiful galaxy-like eyes, sweet smelling hair that will just melt your heart, and her laugh will brighten your lowest days. And did I ever mention that making her smile is the greatest achievement? Cause it is. Markayla's usually can be seen as freaky, yet also lovable and soft. They are ticklish to the touch physically, and yet hard to the core mentally. They can get frightened pretty easily by even the simplest things, but will adores animals. She's extremely cool and yet prideful. Never liking to admit things is her worst problem. If you ever come across a Markayla, be thankful. Markayla's also give the greatest kisses, which are rare but when it comes to it, they're a natural at it. They're usually really athletic and are in all honors classes because they're so smart. Markayla's can be somewhat scary and harsh when you first meet them, but after awhile, you'd feel so close you'd practically die for her. <3
Markayla is so hot I just wanna screw her over~~
by Chahajaha March 17, 2020
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She is beautiful and gorgeous in every way. Smart, but doesn't show or use it. very talented but yet bitchy. I wouldn't cross her. She knows how to be evil. Usually she has almost every guy wanting her secretly. She is a must, and keeper.
She must be a Markayla!
by JUSTKEEPINITREAL3 August 8, 2011
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Markayla is a nice girl .. yea very nice
Excuse me
Markayla: *rolls eyes* MOVE!
by yamma April 4, 2023
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A total Bag. She talks crap about everyone and loves Mexicans. She has long dark hair with dark eyes.
guy: Ewww who is that!?
girl: That's markayla! puberty was not nice to her!
by kayla-OG May 23, 2019
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A girl who is ready to fuck but doesn't want to let ppl know
Y'know I heard Bridget was a real dirty markayla.
by HardlyAnyone June 10, 2020
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