The oldest most haunted stock on the Skytrain Network.

- 1.100 {#1-56 > original
- 1.200 (#61-118) > almost identical to the 1.1s
- 1.300 (#121-136) > Outhouse doors + some seats removed, handles rearranged, more spacious, squeaky fan + out of factory smell despite decades old
- 1.400 (#137-156) > Like 1.3 but 'outhouse doors' back and the doors won't all open and close together when theres an obstruction

Synonyms + Why:

- Boobie trains - (or booey / boo boo) those big black rectangles on the back of the cars on either side of the 'outhouse door' are like a pair of big black boobies

- Crying trains - just before complete stop 9/10 times they make a crying sound sometimes longer (full cry), or shorter (half cry). like the sad dramatic violin music in old black/white dramas - ie. it's sad so many chickens are dying.

- Chicken slaughter trains - during slowdown + stop hints of a metallic echo or 'shing!' like when certain saws come to a stop (or sword drawn) can be heard, as if a slaughter house inside is sawing the heads off chickens
- Pooey trains - Contact will make your hand and clothing smell pooey!
- Poopie trains - shape of the front looks like an outhouse w/door leading to small area that can fit a loo (yes people still poo there)
- Haunted trains - had 'spirit of this/that' written on it, those crying sounds gives impression of groups spirits flying each time the 'gear' is lowered
- Bouncing trains - bounce from side to side when it reaches speed
1) Avoid the Mark 1 Skytrain at all cost its better to wait for a M2 or 3, unless you are keen to experience sheer horror from paranormal activity! Ride if you dare, but don't say I didn't warn you if you see a spirit and it follows you home haunting you day and night appearing in your dreams, or even worse, getting stuck in a parallel dimension!

2) I call the Mark 1 Skytrains the Chicken Slaughter Pooey Booey Bouncing Crying Haunted trains i.e. CSPBBCH Trains. The CSPBBCH Skytrains have a personality of their own, having absorbed + charged up by all the emotions of the passengers over the decades, some good some of pure violence, suicide, death, and evil! This is how a lot of hauntings and poltergeists develop, some intelligent, some residual.

3) Stay off the Mark 1 Skytrains! I had nightmares of these trains where when I enter it was normal but it took me thru a wormhole and everyone dissapeared, the seats replaced with work tables and saws of a mobile poultry processing factory, blood and dead chicken carcasses were everywhere with the smell of death and decomposition, then horrific apparitions started appearing and I started to hear voices and evil laughter!

4) They should really cut the outhouse section off and covert it into outhouses when these ancient Mark 1 trains are retired.

5) They should start playing "poopie poopie poopie poo poopie boobie haunted poo" to announce the Mark 1's arrival to serve as a warning!

(Boobie Train and "Boo!" - yes, pun intended)
by nimbys_suck December 9, 2021
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