for real; deadass

Originates from South-side St. Petersburg, Florida. Unknown etymology.

also sometimes "off chicken"
Person 1: Rodney said he was tryna get freaky with the coach.
Person 2: That dude is trippin', off chickens.
by widenercharles September 15, 2019
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the intense ability to give powerful, mind-bending head. A person who can suck the skin off a frozen chicken has sucking cock and balls down to a modern art form.
Jen Jen is an all-star cock sucker. She can suck the skin off a frozen chicken. Once she sucked a dude off for a cough drop.
by jjrubadub April 18, 2010
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When you leave chicken curry out for too long and it goes rotten.
The gone off chicken curry tastes like cat food.
by Debskelly1985 March 19, 2023
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