A fun bubbly (random...) person who is the AWESOMEST! Shes a little bit crazy and violent. She doesnt pay attenion too much. A loyal friend with lots to give.
a) Look at that random person walking down the street!
b) That girl looks like a Marisa!
by ArandomPersonWhodoYouThink? August 31, 2010
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An all-around perfect woman for you that slipped away and may have been the "one"
I wonder what would have happened if "Marisa" and I stayed together?
by unphukwitable February 19, 2010
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hyper and annoyingly entertaining...a girl who doesn't really care one way or another and can be very violent in random moments...a unique girl
she's such a marisa the kids she was watching begged their parents to invite her again.
by orange-crush March 29, 2009
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A "Marisa" is a girl usually with dark curly hair and brown eyes. Has great body, big boobs, and regular sized ass. Is typically really funny, happy,sweet, and very intelligent person. Usually doesn't care what others think.
"She has such curly hair she must be a Marisa"
"That Marisa girl has GIANT BOOBS"
"She's so sweet she must be a Marisa"
by Whoisyou? May 01, 2012
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A very beautiful brunette girl with a very large booty. Marisa's have a great sense of rhythm and can dance and shake what her momma gave her. Any guy is lucky to have her and most guys lust for her.
' Dang look at that donk!'

'She must be a Marisa'
by macattack_34 February 12, 2014
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The most fucking hottest motherfucking kinkiest, motherfucking beautiful women that will walk the universe. She's the one that you can't stay mad at for 2 motherfucking seconds, her hottness will overwhelm your ass and then the next second your fucking horny. She's brunnete, she's got long hair, a big ass booty and damn she's got a nice pussy, and don't even try to leave her which you won't ever want to because of her perfection, she's one of those sexy hot psycho girlfriends that will kill any motherfucker that tryna steal you. She's loyal, she cares, and she will always love you.
Kaleb "God i miss Marisa she was everything to me, she was perfect god damn i want her back".
Quinton "Haha sucks bitch she's mine and ill kill your ass if you try anything, or touch her or in general she will kill your ass".
by - Your boy Quinton babygirl November 16, 2016
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