The San Francisco neighborhood has its own breed of female, known as the Marina Girl, as satirized in the Cameron Diaz film The Sweetest Thing. The stereotypical Marina Girl parties hard, shops casual yet high end fashions including Juicy Couture, Seven Jeans, Ugg Boots, and Banana Republic while never being employed in any tangible profession, other than receptionist, office manager, or booth babe. The Marina Girl maintains her high quality of life through a series of arrangements with older gentlemen in neighboring Pacific Heights. In recent years on weekends, Marina Girls tend to gravitate around the area dubbed by Herb Caen as the “Bermuda Triangle”: a collection of bars and restaurants on the corner of Fillmore and Greenwich streets. In recent times this area has become known as Gavin Newsom square with a collection of Newsom-owned businesses dominating the triangle. Mayor Newsom’s Matrix-Fillmore, Plumpjack Wine, Balboa Cafe, and Plumpjack Cafe are all Marina staples that dominate the landscape. During the week, the Marina Girl can be found looking for companionship at the popular Marina Safeway. When a Marina Girl turns 30, she is no longer known as a Marina Girl, but as a “Cougar”1. A few places in the Marina with a high saturation of Cougars are Balboa Cafe, Cozmo’s, the California Wine Merchant, and the Marina Safeway.
I came out and found this Marina Girl sitting on my motorcycle, like she freakin owned it.
by NorCalBusa December 19, 2005
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A Dubai Girl that’s lives in the Dubai Marina
Look at that girl Rachael. She’s a Dubai girl.
Wait she lives in the marina so she’s a Dubai marina girl
by Non Dubai Guy July 23, 2021
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