A Maria is a shorter then normal person that is usually under 5'0", she is a crazy Mexican when needed, she will show you a good time in more ways then one, but don't get on her bad side cause she will pull out her machete faster then Speedy Gonzales!! Her Smile, Personality, Charm, Selflessness are out of this world and her Strength is Stronger then the Machete she packs. She likes them BIG Chorizo for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and is a loyal person and a outstanding friend and will do anything for the ones she loves. She ain't no snitch, and is a ride or die one of a kind all around amazing person,
Man you seen Maria?!? she is one HOT TAMALE !
Yo you seen Maria and her Machete ? That thing is as big as her!
by MecheteQueen June 06, 2019
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A hoe who dates multiple guys at once
See that girl with the 2 guys thats a maria
by Bestboy223 April 18, 2020
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Maria is sweet, kind and a shy if you don’t know her, but once you get to know her she’s sexy asf with a fat ass that blows your mind
the shy ones Maria
by Aodhaidnskdnakcn October 17, 2019
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. The kind that makes ur jaw drop when she walks in the room. She gorgeous but at the same time very humble. Very smart and has the best personality. Herr laugh is very contagious and bring people with a lot of joy.
by Baseballguy230 April 30, 2020
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A girl that is not too tall or short. She is probably from somewhere in the south like Colombia, Argentina or Mexico. She loves art and probably likes sports like volleyball . She usually get´s good grades and her teachers like her. Sometimes, she ,might get in some trouble because of standing up in what she believes is right.
Maria is so funny and crazy!
by mdgkhfw June 27, 2019
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The most amazing example of a person ever. The most beautiful girl in the world! She's beautiful, funny and perfect in every way possible. Everyone wishes they had a Maria. I have a Maria. She is everything to me.
*Maria walks past*

By-stander 1 - Wow! Look at that perfectly beautiful lady walking past.. I would do anything for her.. I wish she could be mine..

By-stander 2 - Oh she is.. She's such a Maria
by M Brom August 22, 2009
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