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Maria is a girl that isn't afraid to tell you that she loves you. The minute you meet her, she takes your heart. Her beauty has this way of stunning you every time you see her. She makes you the happiest guy in the world, and you can't stop loving her. If you ever lose a Maria, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Maria is someone to cherish while you have her. She will always love to joke around with you, and be near you. You can never stop loving a Maria. I love my Maria, and will never quit.
MARIA JOSE a wonderful person, she comes across as a lion and a bit frightening but she is a loyal lion once she becomes your friend. she will stand up against any one for you, go any where, get into to trouble with you. she has to most unique, beautiful personality, she is amazing at every subject including Latin!!! she never realises her amazing skills inside the classroom and as a friend.
by Mariajo13 July 12, 2018
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A Latina babe full of mystery and sass. You might think you know her but she has everyone under her spell. A goddess in bed
I think i might finally understand that Maria Jose
by fiona la miona March 03, 2017
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A Maria Jose or a “Maria” is one of the most trustworthy people you could ever meet. She also is a great listener and gives great advice but don’t do anything wrong to her friends because if you do she will come after you so fast. A Maria Jose is beautiful and she will not only attract guys with her looks but she’ll also attract Girls too. If your a Maria Jose’s friend and you get her mad she’ll give you the silent treat meant until she thinks she’s punished you enough. When A Maria Jose loves you she isn’t afraid to tell you sometimes she’ll just say she loves you unexpectedly and all you can do is tell her you love her back. She will get really sad though if your her friend and you ignore her or if she thinks you mad at her. Basically if you ever get a Maria Jose or a “Maria” never let her go and always be there for her.
Maria Jose

Maria:Love you!!
You:Love you too.
by Kftw4thewin October 21, 2018
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someone that gets annoyed by school and yells at you when she gets home, specially a girl.
"ugh im so done with school, get out of my face!"
"chill bro, you're acting like a maria jose"
by wasuu June 06, 2017
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