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only the best school ever. and the best classes are 2010, 2009 and 2008. hell ya! the students arent potheads and we do carry on intellegent conversations.
"yesterday i met this girl from Maret. She was sooo awsome". girl 1
by noel harris March 19, 2005
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the best school ever. kicked Potomac's ass in basketball, and next year in football, cause John moffett will stomp all over them. Cool kids, the moffet brothers are the coolest.....and hottest. And we just drink a lot...we're not all potheads.
Potomac:Nice mascot...fighting frog
Maret: whatever ur all gay
Potomac: uh...well ur mascots a frog.
by sir drinksalot April 29, 2005
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Well, I wouldn't exactly call "Maret School" a school. There mascot is a fighting frog, which is oh so intimidating. They get rocked by anyone they play in football. All the kids are mentally retarded stoners that can't carry on an intelligient conversation. They also love to talk shit, even though they cant back themselves up. They get destroyed by Potomac School in every sport. The headmaster of this "school" should be ashamed with the kind of school he has created.
Maret Football Player pokes a potomac player in the eye when they're at the bottom of a dogpile.
Potomac Football Player walks off as if nothing happened. Then, when the game is over, the Potomac Player kicks the crap out of the Maret Player
by I Run This January 25, 2005
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This school is for kids who only care about their grades and have no social lives. Coming from a student myself I have to say that once I left I realized how much the school sucked. You get shiploads of work and if your not a A student your automatically retarded. Kids there pretend to be thugs or stoners when really they r too much of pussies to do shit. There are some exceptions. The only positives I can think about maret is that the school as a community is pretty active in being open to everything. Also, 98% of Maret kids live in houses that cost over a million dollars.
Maret Kid: Hey what happened at your school today?
Normal Kid: Well there was a fight
Maret Kid: Holy shit there are fights at your school! Thats so ghetto
Normal Kid: Dude you go to Maret School
by Real Talk Tho July 01, 2013
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