A mysterious beautiful girl. The girl with the gorgeous hair and dark eyes that everyone wants to know, but few truly do. A heart of gold that's hard to be won over, but once you do, there will never be a love so devoted and fierce. A friend like no other, selfless and caring, even if feeling broken herself. Truly loving because she knows how it feels to be without it. A diamond in the rough, a treasure to be cherished.
I finally found my Maren.
by PunkRockMetalMomma December 16, 2015
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absoultley amazing , pretty , fun to be with .
Wow i wanna hangout with a Maren.
by ChcikenHead June 6, 2011
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A rebellious girl who feels misunderstood a lot. But if you give her a chance, she's awesome!
Maren is so cool once you get to know her!
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Maren is the most amazing person you'll ever meet. It's a danish name and is usually named to cows. But f that cuz Maren are 101% lovable and daaammmm sexy
Boy: Im tottaly lost in my dream women, she's a total Maren

Girl: I'm not gay but same.. in lost in a Maren 2
by Bollerdinmor123 July 9, 2019
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Maren is a god and the strongest person you will ever meet.
Did you see that hot person walk by? They look like a maren
by I_am_the_real_god March 17, 2021
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Karen’s cool younger sister who apologizes to everyone while her sister asks for the manager. Sneaks all of the raisins out of Karen’s potato salad. Loves Netflix, Taco Tuesday, and hanging out in Target. Buys everyone gift cards and wine for the holidays.
In this crazy world, be a Maren.
by Tea77 November 10, 2019
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She’s the girl that everybody wants t be friends with. She’s fun, popular and always a friend. She might not be the prettiest but all the boys love her. If you are friends with a Maren you are very lucky.
What a great friend,She’s such a Maren!
by Dheiwhssh July 8, 2019
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