Male lead and deuteragonist of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. An insecure safe kid/bad boy who comes out of his shell thanks to Star. Many fans of the show call him a harem protagonist because he is shipped with a lot of girls in the show like Star, his best friend who has a crush on him, Jackie who is his crush from kindergarten who later became his girlfriend, Janna who is a stalker friend of Marco and probably has a crush on him, and Hekapoo who is the dimensional scissors enforcer and forger and a member of the Magic High Commission and Marco probably dated her during his 16 year trial in her dimension which is 8 minutes in Earth while Jackie is still his girlfriend.
Guy 1: When I grow up I wanna be like Marco Diaz
Guy 2: You mean the harem protagonist of that TV-Y7 show Star vs. the Forces of Evil
by mojo72400 October 27, 2017
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Character from SVTFOE. Is mostly shipped with Star Butterfly or Tom the demon. Recently kiss Jackie Lynn Thomas who most of the fandom despises because she does not deserve Marcos love and after everything star has done for Marco he still never notices that Star is the perfect girl for him. He is a brunette 14 year old boy who has a cute little mole under his eye. He has a green belt with a stripe in Karate. He met star after she started living with him when she came to earth by King and queen Butterfly in the kingdom of mewni. Everyone know Marco secretly has a thing for star and Star secretly has a thing for Marco but they belive its what's being "bestfriends" why can't Starco just happen already.
- did you hear the the guy in SVTFOE named Marco Diaz kissed Jackie Lynn Thomas?
- Marco is the brunette with the mole under his eye right?
-ya, everyone know Star and Marco likes each other but they don't know how to show it.
-that's sad, Starco was a good ship.
by Star Noir January 26, 2017
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Marco Diaz is a very hot guy. He always likes to keep everyone safe. Also he's pretty much of a earth turd.
''Lets hug, so when they find our carried skelektons the'll know whe where friends.'' -Marco Diaz
by Pannenkoekje January 18, 2017
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A playa from the tv show Star vs. The Forces of Evil who is shipped with tons of girls but everyone knows that Starco is the way to go
Person 1: I ship Jackie and Marco Diaz
Person 2: *slaps* Star and Marco
by Punz4321 November 27, 2018
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