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A tall sexy man with a large dick, a Prince Albert piercing stretched to a 2 gauge, stretched ear holes, and plays a variety of instruments. Very wholesome individual with large heart and lots of love to give and an impeccable personality and sense of humor.

If you come across one of these Marcks, dont let him go.
Damn, Marck is such a cool guy! Never met anyone like him!
by Marcks gal February 19, 2018
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A guy with a little dick, who spends his day overcomplicating things. A huge gamer who thinks he can carry the team and makes it known when he's at the top but disappears into the shadows when he's the weak link.
Friend: Brooo Y'all just got carried by my supreme analyzing skills and game knowledge.
Everyone: Shut up Marck, you were bottom frag the last 3 games.
by Anxvogh January 23, 2018
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A type of guy who usually enjoys the smell of vagina farts. Usually hated by his family and friends and not athletic.
Marck "hey guess!"

*crickets chirping*
by Christy leep January 18, 2015
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