Marching Band = Life

The greatest friends you will ever have. The most amazing people you will ever meet.
Marching Band is the most fun you can possible have with your friends.

Band Bus = Only place you can be tired and hyper at the same time.
Your social life from Summer to the end of Fall.
Common Phrases
1. Band Ten Hut!
2. Roll Your Feet!
3. Toes HIGHER!
4. Drumline, take a lap.
5. Mellos, you get a waterbreak first.
6. Colorguard, smile smile smile!
7. Woodwinds, we can't hhhheeeaaarrr yoooouuuu!!! (j/k)
8. This is MARCHING band, not WALKING band!
10. Stop talking and drop and give me 20. When we leave this practice we will either be better or we will be stronger.
11. Halftime IS Gametime
12. Maybe a few hours of staring into the sun will help you remember your sunglasses at tomorrow's practice.
"Hey, Can you go to the movies Friday?"

"Nope, I have to go to the game. Halftime show."

"What about Saturday?"

"Can't. Marching Band Competition."


"Sorry. Resting from the competition."
by Mellogirl November 21, 2006
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1. Mainly, a group of musicians playing and staying in step all together.
2. A family who loves spending time together.
3. Best way to make friends freshman year.
4. Something to do on Friday nights.
5. A lot of hard work, but TONS of fun.
6. The most fun thing you'll ever do.
7. A thing that will change how you look at school, and the class you look forward to everyday.
8. Something that is often misunderstood for being "nerdy" or "geeky".
9. One of those things that will change your whole highschool experience, for the better.
10. A way to meet some of the greatest people you will ever meet, and never forget.
Guy 1: Man, I'm so glad it's almost football season.

Guy 2: Why? The football team sucks.

Guy 1: Two words. Marching Band.

Girl 1: Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I did band this year.

Girl 2: Why?

Girl 1: I know where all my classes are from band camp, I made so many new friends I'll never forget, and plus, band is where I met my winter formal date.
by bass_clarinet_girl March 25, 2010
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Life. You meet your bestest friends here and the whole band becomes your second family. Marching band is spent as work and play. You learn how to read drill charts, how to march CORRECTLY and IN TIME, and how to make non-band members be jealous of you. That's the work.

Band is also a lot of fun. The opinions of non-band members don't matter. Your fellow bandmates are the closest ones to you. You tell "one time at band camp" jokes, tell stories about when so and so screwed up, and just overall enjoy your time with your second family, the ones you love.

We work harder than the football team, we get more respect than the football team, and we practice longer than the football team. We are the only reason people come to the games. Don't listen to people who say band is weird. THEY ARE WRONG. BAND= LIFE. :D
(In a restaurant, two friends, one in band, one is not, are eating lunch.)

Dawn: I'm so excited to go to the football game tomorrow!
Jamie: Why? Our football team sucks! We're in last place too.
Dawn: Two words. Marching band.
by JT041196 August 04, 2011
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A cult of sorts
A group of interesting people surrounded by "music".
Marching band was both the best and the worst decision of my life at the same time.
by Chay4 May 18, 2017
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The one hard, time consuming, learning experience that you wait all year for. Spending time with the boys, laughing at the trumpets, being molested by the low brass, never hearing the Clarinets. And making up stupid inside jokes and Callbacks. Hearing the phrase "Alright, one more time and we can have a water break! " from your director. But you never care. You enjoy it.
Why is the Football team on the Marching Band Field?
by Rawrnickasaurbree October 26, 2011
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the greatest thing ever invented on this earth. its godly. its a sport. love it. you can't hate it.
Hey. Watcha doing tonite.
Marching Band.
Its occupying your time
by drumlinegirll February 24, 2010
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