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1. The one thing that can both give you a life, and totally take it away at the same time.
2. Where "one more time" actually means 57439204 more times.
3. The most accomplished, but least appreciated team in the whole school.
4. The only time it's legal for an elder to demand a group of kids to "finger correctly" and "blow harder".
5. When EVERYTHING is a sexual referance.
6. When your closest friends and boyfriend/girlfriend are in the band. And ONLY in the band.
7. The only place it's possible to be singing "The Wheels on the Bus" during a trip while a couple is doing inappropriate things under a blanket in the best seats.
8. When you can fall asleep even with the drumline hacking on the back of your headrest.
9. When you spend more time in the band room than in your own home, or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, you just go down there to hang out and get passes out of classes to "practice for districts."
10. The best thing anyone could possibly be a part of in the world. Period.
1. non-band person - "Can you do anything tonight?"
band person - "No.. I have band practice.. YAY!"
2. band director - "Alright let's reset that one more, guys!"
(many times later..)
"Alright guys, I mean it this time."
(more times later..)
"Okay seriously, we've got it for real this time.."
3. *school announcements*
"Last night our football team lost a game 0-693465. Good effort, team! We know you'll get them next week! Spanish Club is to meet in room 203 after school tonight. Oh, and not to mention our band had some kinda thing goin' on last night and won something or something.. Also, I have a hangnail.."
4. band director- "Alright everyone, I need you to really get those fingers moving and I need you to blow plenty hard!"
5. band director- "Stop messing around and get that thing in your mouth!"
band kids - *snicker, snicker*
6. band kid - "My bestfriends, boyfriend and I are all gonna go to Bobby's house tonight and watch last year's DCI Finals DVD! I can't wait!"
7. band kid - "I heard Suzy and Tommy were getting it on in the back of the bus while we were singing band songs."
8. drummer - *hackhackhackhackhackhack*
band kid - *undisturbed sleeping*
9. band kid - "Hey Mr. So&So, can I get a pass to go practice for districts?"
Mr So&So - "Sure Billy! Golly gee, you band kids are so responsible!"
(in the band room)
10. band kids - "Marching band is AWESOME!"
by ohappyday September 13, 2009

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another name for a girl's menstrual cycle -- both sexes can relate.
girlfriend - "This time of the month is such a Bloody Hell! I'm crying and bitching one minute, and then the next minute I'm fine! It's miserable!"

boyfriend - "This time of the month is such a Bloody Hell! She's crying and bitching one minute, and then the next minute she's fine! It's miserable!"
by ohappyday September 13, 2009

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