best birthday of all time! find them friend who has this birthday! They are the greatest people in the world.
person 1: whens your birthday?

person 2: march 3rd 2006?

Person 1: OMG! let's be friends!
by Sunsetlucjascal December 15, 2021
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March 3rd is girlfriend or girl best friend has to do whatever you say Day
And if she doesn’t she gets punched in the chest next time you meet
Him: Its march 3rd honey cook me something.
Her: I don’t feel like it.
Him: 🤜🏽 Boom right in the chest
by Galvanakiz November 27, 2021
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confess your feelings to your crush day <3
person 1: it's *march 3rd* know what that means ;)
person 2: i need to confess my feelings for him/her today!
person 1: atta boy >;)
by ppharderect101 March 3, 2021
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