It's not a common thing to be born in the month of March, especially not on the 30th, but when one individual's the most amazing thing ever. They're atractive, funny, smart, athletic, SEXY, just perfect. And you should love them....they're rare. <3333
Guy 1: Who is THAT?!
Guy 2: *jaw drops* I wish I knew!
Guy 3: I don't know her at all....but her birthday is March 30th.
Guy 1 & 2 (in unison): Woah.
by you'll_never_know_ever June 24, 2010
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People with humongous dongs born today
Bro you've got the biggest dong I've ever seen, you must be born on March 30th
by Salad42069 October 16, 2019
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"oh it's March 30th whip out ur tits lemme put my face I them"
by Weloveutecca October 29, 2019
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Today is the day where you log onto any one of your close friend’s account on any social media.
Just do it, it’s March 30th.
by Coolkat665 April 1, 2021
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Everyone gets to grab each other's balls, asses, penises, boobs and vaginas. Take a dip :)
Gabriel: Hey Alec, It's March 30th.
Alec: hey, ok cool don't rly care.
Gabriel: CUM HERE.. *grabs his balls and ass*
Alec: What the fuck are you doing leave me alone!!!
Gabriel: What, don't you like this, you get to grab mine as well.
Alec: Oh.... Well ok then.
*both start eating each others balls*
by Nigrophobian March 30, 2022
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The day Hailey gave Wyatt a note saying that she liked him.
Do you remember what happened in March 30th 2017!?
by Cas FCS June 25, 2021
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is when the baddest aries were born!!!

like me :)
i was born on the 30th march
by chdjjsjs June 24, 2021
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