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Light, or illumination in Hebrew. Maor is the sun incarnate. When he looks at you, you partake of his light & warmth. Smiles infectiously. When everything goes wrong, Maor is the person to go to for convincing that everything will be alright. A kiss from him can make you fly.

Maor is surrounded by weakness but is strong. Faced with many difficult trials that may include a terminally ill or handicapped family member (perhaps several); parents or siblings involved in a loveless marriage, perhaps an affair; learning disorders such as dyslexia or ADD; numerous responsibilities, such as taking care of younger siblings, etc. Maor is typically optimistic, reluctant to accept help, a source of inspiration to all.

The above mold Maor into a fighter for ideals & loved ones. Might be a lawyer, social worker; might serve in the military in a position of strength such as covert Intelligence, Special Forces or Commando units. Enjoys using his power for good.

Despite everything wrong in Maor's life, he has a happy ending. How can he not? Maor has always had many friends; despite his unassuming manner, people flock to him & he is surrounded by good, true friends.

Maor finds true love, perhaps despite a major age difference, but they won't fail to burn through the obstacles. It's not always easy between them, but he holds out for the One and will marry the first girl he dates, who will get him through his current issues & create a life with him.
"Dude, how does Maor do it?!"

"Maor scored such a winner, I'm so stoked for him."

"Man, I'd do anything for that Maor. He's so great."
by ThePenISMightier December 30, 2013
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Maors are exceptionally bright young men, who would be the best at everything if they had the time. Unfortunately, Maors tend to be lazy, and so only accomplish the things want badly. However, they make up for this by being incredibly passionate and caring. In Hebrew, the name means 'source of light', so basically they are stars.
Person 1: "You're as smart as Maor."
Person 2: "Wow, it does't get any better than that!"
by supnugs November 14, 2013
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Often used on the internet as a way of asking for more of something.
Forum geek 1: Heres a pic of a hot girl i know

Forum geek 2: MAOR!
by dc00000000000 September 30, 2008
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