1. A huge nerd; outcast; Lamer; Troll
2. A lamer that insults others and wonders why nobody likes him
3. A nerd that pretends that he doesnt care about being insulted, because he thinks his attitude pisses the insulters off.
4. A lonley, lonley little boy that has nothing better to do than hang around people that hate him hoping he might find a friend among the vast amounts of enemies.
5. A guy that just has a good time pissing people off and hitting on people girlfriends even though he has no chance of getting a girl friend ever.
7. A god moder, no matter how much damage you do, he is miraculously undamaged. And can kill you a hundred times of with a single punch, or a level 100 Ultima spell.
9. A young boy unloved by anyone, and anything
10. An insult of the highest degree
Dude, Don't be such a Manus Dei
by Charlemagne July 15, 2003
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<Manus Dei> Fool! I am immortal by the power of the Manus Dei ring!
<Booken> There no such things as a Manus Dei ring, and immortals can die.
<Manus Dei> That it! I'm ignoring you! *Activate Aphaty field*
by Booken July 14, 2003
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A fan of paladins with poor social skills who had the misfortune of wasting his sensitivity in online forums populated by all sorts of jerks and arrogant sods whose sole purpose in life seems to be humiliating others. Can be tempermental when mistreated or slandered, and is prone to fits of burning rage when betrayed by those he trusts, but is loyal to his friends. Is often appalled and disgusted by shallow and vulgar displays and hates the typical alpha male mentality. Can be excessively defensive and expect the worst of people due to bad memories.
I don't envy that guy. He's surrounded by jerks and bullies on all sides. A real Manus Dei pitted against the hordes of Ahr'Peegeecee.
by Elyseon May 10, 2008
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Someone usually in the wrong place surrounded by the wrong people. Someone too sensitive for his own good who by a twist of fate ends up surrounded by jerks. Usually someone educated, an HSP, with refined tastes but lacking social skills. Often misunderstood and rarely appreciated, a bit tempermental and prone to angry outbursts when threatened or harassed.
Too emotional, check. Too sensitive, check. Angry at bullies, check. It's a Manus Dei all right.
by Elyseon May 10, 2008
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