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Rogue lineage spell, pretty much op
summons meteor
translation: God's hands...
Rigan: Did that dude manus dei?
Dzin: Why are you surprised when you can flood and snap manus dei like 50 times?
by RogueLineageDude? July 05, 2019
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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1. A huge nerd; outcast; Lamer; Troll
2. A lamer that insults others and wonders why nobody likes him
3. A nerd that pretends that he doesnt care about being insulted, because he thinks his attitude pisses the insulters off.
4. A lonley, lonley little boy that has nothing better to do than hang around people that hate him hoping he might find a friend among the vast amounts of enemies.
5. A guy that just has a good time pissing people off and hitting on people girlfriends even though he has no chance of getting a girl friend ever.
7. A god moder, no matter how much damage you do, he is miraculously undamaged. And can kill you a hundred times of with a single punch, or a level 100 Ultima spell.
9. A young boy unloved by anyone, and anything
10. An insult of the highest degree
Dude, Don't be such a Manus Dei
by Charlemagne July 15, 2003
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<Manus Dei> Fool! I am immortal by the power of the Manus Dei ring!
<Booken> There no such things as a Manus Dei ring, and immortals can die.
<Manus Dei> That it! I'm ignoring you! *Activate Aphaty field*
by Booken July 14, 2003
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