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Pronounced {Man-a-met} also called "THE MET"

Manomet is a section of plymouth massachusetts. is is exit 4 off route 3 in south eastern mass. when you drive back from cape cod on route 3 north there is no exit 4, because the poverty and violence of the area of manomet engulfs anyone who enters it, and there is no coming back from it. Tourists always come to the MET on the 3rd of july to celebrate on the beaches, after the holiday is over they get the hell out of there before they end up getting bodied, cause The Met Is Just That Gutta.
These Cape Cod Kids came up to manomet to get some weed, they were never seen again. Never go into manomet unless your not armed and dangerous and ready to see the worst ghettos on the planet.

Manomet is the home of the toughest and most ruthless thugs in the world. If I were you I would just drive away and avoid this place.

Cedarville Kid: Kids from manomet are bitches, E2 For Life!

Thug From Manomet: ..yeah? (pulls out pistol) cracks Cedarville Kid's head wide open and takes his money and jewelry.
by lebron james is a douche February 23, 2012
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