1.The ability or tendency to be manipulated

2.The capacity for softness and/or suggestion
1.The English language has a great manipulatibility.

2.Desperation to attract a mate quickly leads to high levels of manipulatibility in ugly people.
by anwealde May 21, 2004
can be used as a Verb, but best described as Adjective.

A word used to describe someone, or something(action) that is very manipulative
evil kenivle: you will write me a check for 5 billion dollars
n00b: Jeeze, stop being stupid, im not going to give in to your stupid manipulationness.
by Mikey Jackson December 4, 2007
When a person or persons is manipulated and hypnotized at the same time by a habitual manipulator.
"Karen manipulatized the crowd by her magical words"
by Miss.Wonderful June 21, 2022