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Maninder is a good boy, but other people described him as a disappointment . if you're one of those people who be so mean to him then you are complete idiots because he will prove you wrong about thinking he sucks . The last time i saw him he was a fun amazing guy . He even works out 5-7 times a weeks.He is a sexy , buff, strong and full of intelligence . He grows over 6 feet .He is attractive.You would want to be friends with him.He is a good friend for those who are abused .He so nice.
Maninder identifies him as a mother fucker
by jackson guy 875 June 14, 2019
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Very rare species. Most known for having optimum sexual performance within the animal kingdom. Extremely attractive. There bodies are reputed for motivating the work of Michelangelo's famous sculptures of many Greek Gods. Approach with EXTREME caution, for if eye contact alone with this species will make a female species lose her virginity instantaneously. Since the prehistoric era, scientists have found evidence of "Maninders" having had numerous amounts of female partners at once, which would explain their extreme attractiveness towards the opposite sex.

A study done in 2010 discovered that 9/10 of the "possible" Maninders are most likely imposters and con artists pretending to be a "Maninder". There is simply one sign to look for that will determine if an actual "Maninder" has been spotted. If he speaks fluent English, his last name is Parmar and looks at you in a flirtatious way while licking his lips and his eyes seem to be staring into a distance while being slightly closed due to the sun being in his eyes. Do not be alarmed. For he is the real-deal, and is most likely staring at something extravagantly more prettier and curvaceous than you. Please refer to your nearest local library for more information about this fascinating species.
Controversy: Controversy struck in 1967 when famous Bodybuilder "Arnold Schwarzenegger" was accused of injecting the hormones of a "Maninder" to help win his first IFBB Mr.Olympia Competition held in New York City. These claims later proved to be true, as even today, the "Maninder" hormones are constantly being sold throughout the black market as a "rare illegal substance", coined by ALL States of Athletic Commissions and also the Universal Drug Administration of Sports and Recreation.

Chairman of "Ban Against Performance Enhancing-Drugs" Owen Jackson says: "These hormones are very powerful, your talking about hormones coming from "Maninders" are you kidding me? Theres a reason this animal has the nuts bigger than an elephants, hes what steroids are f*ckin made from.

Jealous Female Model: So I heard you saw a Maninder?

Clingy Female Supermodel: Yeah I already named my soon to be child after him.

Group of Fitness models//Supermodels//Miss Universes//Hollywood/Bollywood actresses: Thats what she said.
by sexyluly4u November 21, 2011
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An aggresive asshole Punjabi guy, having a tiny penis that explodes on contact. Offended very quickly, he gathers a mob to threaten you. He loves black dicks but becomes bisexual temporarily when a girl gives him attention he never otherwise gets.
Maninder identifies himself as an Apache helicopter.
by Lucifer17 May 31, 2018
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