Fun, Mandatory: When the 1sg or CO (or their spouses) decide that the company's spouses and children are going to have a day set aside for them to have a family oriented even, and you are "invited" (I.E. no choice). you may not leave until the day is over, even though you live in the barracks and have no dependents of your own.
Nah man, CO has us on a Mandatory Fun Day today at 7:00 am.
by 11BulletCatcher September 1, 2010
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A social event put on by an organization having some form of authority over event attendees where those attendees are generally confronted with the dilemma of attending the social event or facing some generally undesired consequence.
A: "Sorry, but I can't go to the beach with you this weekend. My employer wants us to attend this team-building retreat. If I don't go to the retreat, I'm required to show-up at my workstation and perform my duties."
B: "Oh, so they want you to have some mandatory fun, huh? It's okay!"
by unindicted.coconspirator January 7, 2016
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When you are forced to have "fun" by (most likely) someone with higher power than you or your coworker. Most of the time when this happens, it is (un)surprisingly, not very fun. For a good example, watch the video, "Management has Allowed a Pizza Party for 2 Million Subscribers" on Youtube from Pointcrow.
1: Sorry I can't come over this weekend, my boss is making us have Mandatory fun.
2: Same, it sucks.
by The_Mad_Doctor September 5, 2023
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When CTYers are forced into playing games, holding races, and other activities outside on the weekends instead of hanging out in their rooms. Prominent at CTY Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
I would love to talk more Mom, but mandatory fun is going to start at the ATS in ten minutes. This week, the theme is "Nintendo."
by Sarah Ann February 15, 2005
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