Manchildren are the plural of manchild. Mulitple manchilds result in manchildren. This will result in chaos, the reason being because they have no traits of a mature man.
Bobby and his friends took his legos and threw them across the room. They are manchildren.
by ErectAngelo June 4, 2018
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A group of men, who work hard and grind it out, but can somehow keep it fun without taking things too serious. A very great quality for one to have.
The Manchildren have amazing case opens!
by Landon Porter February 28, 2019
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Manchildren are adults that engage in childish behavior too often -- eg. play videogames, collect figurines, watch cartoons meant for children -- instead of getting a job, studying responsibly and moving out of their mom's basement.

The older they get while refusing to grow up, the more pathetic they become. Manchildren can also be female.
Only manchildren play videogames all day.
by uranass September 22, 2009
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types of people that either, (i)are immature looking for there age, or (ii) are quite to mature looking for there age.

also referd to as 'a manchild'
wait so are you telling me that guy is 18... what a manchild


hey that hair rock ape is only 3, damn manchildren


i wish i could grow so pubes, manchildren get all the luck
by flynn December 24, 2003
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A term used to define a manchild and all of his friends who are absolute jackals and MANCHILDREN.
"God, Jake and his "squad" are such manchildren."
by Afaggotwhohatesallstraggots February 16, 2022
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