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1) Just like any other fuck-ass high school: air conditioning only in the new "freshman wing" (though they deserve it the least) no heating in the portable classrooms that constantly reek of mold, and almost all the bathrooms are locked at any given time.

Known for a major gang fight that got many students and parents very pissed off because the principal would not tell anyone the truth about what happened. (He was placed on leave soon after)
The school has no notable sports yet worships them anyway, giving them a good few pages of articles in their "newspaper"; while award winning music groups and other clubs are lucky to get mention.

2) A school where the minority is white.

3) A place where you're more likely to get a detention for forgetting your ID card than an actual education.

4) A place besides prison where you can get routinely fucked over.
"Aw, man! I got stopped in the hallway because there was a sticker on my ID. They charged me two dollars and I missed half my class. When I finally got there my teacher gave me a detention for being late!"
"That's Manchester High School (CT) for ya"

Teacher:"Manchester High School (CT) pride!"
Student:"Can I go to the bathroom?" *Leaves and does not come back*
by zombietwin January 19, 2011
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