Alternative name for the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. The word was coined by combining the first part of "Manchester" with the second word in "Las Vegas," juxtaposing Las Vegas's glitz and glamor with Manchester's lack of either. Used derisively.
"So are we going out tonight?"
"We live in Manch-Vegas. The hottest spot open this late is Wal-Mart."
by Stephanie M. December 19, 2003
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Noun: The city that never sleeps alone! The rockin' Queen City of New Hampshire, Manchester, got it's glamorous name from the fact that there is so much of the same to do all over and nowhere in town. It's really a rolling mystery!

The initial impression would leave a new comer with a feeling of AW while the veterans of the city know better!

All in all it's a hell of a place to be and certainly an upcoming world power on the East Coast!

Adj: A description the clubers at Homega use to describe the booty in town.
Mo; "Hey, wanna hit the bars in Manch-Vegas tonight?"
Ed; "Yeah, which one?"
Mo;"I don't know, you pick"
Ed; "I don't know... why do I have to pick"
Yolanda; "Like it matters!"

Cluber 1; "Hey want to go to Homega and get some Manch-VegASS?"
Cluber 2; "Yeah, let's hit it up monday stylio!"
by Gagz July 20, 2005
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city in manchester new hampshire where there are an endless supply of wanna-be's, white guys trying to be black and "normal" people selling drugs under the table to get by. Typical day involves a trip to the mall, movies or walmart. the only place open after 2am is....the 24 hour brooks, walgreens or walmart
"what do you want to do? "
"lets cruise elm street, maybe hit one of the 4 18+ clubs."
by alicia May 7, 2005
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