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A delicious dish that can be served with or without meat. Usually found at Southern California company BBQ's.
Yum Yum I like manada


Yo! Pass the manada
by manada June 05, 2017
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Manada is usually a hoe , but she is fine as fuck . If you are a older guy you are lucky because she is defiantly going to fuck with you . Manada’s are usually thick , have plenty of hair , and also give really good head . Also Manada’s taste delecious. She will fight anybody and always wins . She also can dress and gets all the shoes . Did I already say she’s fine asf? Anyways if you see a Manada fuck with her but don’t get caught up.
“ You were with that fine girl Manada last night”?

Yep I got the best head and her booty was fat”
by Realtalker.101 June 15, 2018
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A place to the north of the US with a lot of homosexual men.
The weather's cold but the guys are hot
I don't care if it snows a lot
I'll snuggle up with the boy I got
in Manada.
by duggie October 26, 2003
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