The method used by old (and sometimes young) men when preparing to eat a handful of nuts. First fill the palm of the hand with nuts, lightly close the hand, and shuffle back and forth before bringing the hand up to drop a few perfectly positioned nuts in the mouth. Technique can be applied to any small loose snack or candy. The shuffle motion is comparable to that used when shaking dice for gaming.
Can you believe Uncle Frank ate a whole 1 pound bag of trail mix??!! His wrist must’ve been sore from all of the old man nut shuffle action.
by ##thatswhatmomsaid April 9, 2023
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The ultimate super hero. No one can match his power. His true identity is not known as he uses an Asian smelling icepack as a mask.
Mugger: Give me all your money lady!!!
Woman: Please save me Nut Man
by DarthRacer5 October 21, 2020
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Usually a guy who has been through a lot making them superior in bed with ladies but not so great making babies, which makes them the happiest males.
That man with one nut looks so much happier than I feel.
by Big Slim Islander February 17, 2016
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You might not see a nut as an appetizing meal but another person who is really hungry can see that nut as a full course meal and make use of it.
It means that you should appreciate every nut that hits your stomach.
Person 1: Look at this sandwich... gross! Would you eat it if i gave it to you?
Person 2: Well, I am really hungry.
Person 1: I can't believe it! I guess one man's nut is another man's meal.
by Tuna Bananer August 17, 2018
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