This was a word used in Puerto Rico over 55 years ago, apparently forgotten until recently. It meant a lazy man without a job nor home who lived with his family; or a bum. It was also used as a comparison or name calling to a man’s genital. The main areas used were Puerto Nuevo, Canovanas and Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Other derivatives were; mamarron and mamarrete. It was used in place of, “sucker “ but unrelated to homosexuality.
Tú lo que eres es un mamarre.
Deja de chupar bic** y vete a trabajar pedazo de mamarre.
by Reliquia October 23, 2019
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Comes from the recently famous song ‘Rebota’ and has become a catch phrase and even a prayer for many.

It’s illegal to go to a party and perrear without shouting mamarre at your partner.
The word comes from a Jamaican movie and seems to have no actual meaning.

CANDY: John you want to perrear with me! I’d be honored!

*both proceed to perrear*

by Daniyankee May 2, 2019
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nickname used by high school students for the English teacher
Mamarre is there
by Alaberga June 5, 2020
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Compound of “mamar” and “amarre”: In spanish: “mamar” (vulgar) is the act of fellatio while “amarre” is a love and entrapment spell in voodoo.

Basically, when someone’s act of fellatio is so top-notch out of this world, that you essentially are entrapped in a love spell.
La hija de puta me dio la mamá de la mamá de la mamá de…. Me hizo un mamarre, cabrón.
by Happy4living April 7, 2022
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