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Spanish noun:
1. A piece of something , perhaps a piece of cake
2. A extremely gargantuan fart, one that can shake the entire body and produce a smell that is most horrible. Usually linked with the Spanish adjective grandón to describe size and the Spanish word oloroso to describe stench.
3. A pejorative term signifying "dickhead" with reference to a person, not the head of a phallic object.
Example One:
Can you give me a piece of bread?
Podrias darme un pedazo de pan?

Example Two:
I just tore a humongous fart that stank really bad! Everyone that was with me had to leave because the smell could have killed them!
¡Me tiré un grandón pedazo que fue muy oloroso! Todos que estaban conmigo tuvieron que salir porque el olor pudó que matarles.

Example Three:
Don't talk with that guy, he's a real dickhead.
No habla con eso hombre, el es un pedazo.
by Der Kaiser Äntön May 30, 2008
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1. Spanish for Pieces
2. A person who writes marching band drill, and is a complete asshole
1. Los pedazos - The pieces
2. "Oh man, ore band director is such a pedazos!"
by Arron Blaire August 05, 2009
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