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A BDSM term for a conservative woman who has strong desires to be dominated by Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has taken note of this group of people and has been endorsing them for various public offices.
Did you see that Mama Grizzly? I wonder if her and Sarah Palin have had intercourse recently.
by Euthydemus October 06, 2010
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A dim-witted, wannabe fierce woman politician from Alaska who unjustifiably accuses the lame stream media of personal attacks against her "cubs," and thus feels the need to appear regularly on Faux News to protect them from any schizophrenically perceived gotcha journalism.

Mama grizzly incorrectly believes that millions of her kind exist, but to date only one has ever revealed itself to humankind.

See also Mooselini, Gorilla from Wasilla, and Caribou Barbie.
After her media appearance in Wasilla, mama grizzly went salmon fishing so she could feed her cubs.
by dookeyboy November 19, 2010
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Lesbian version of and occasionally similar to the homosexual "Bear". Mama Grizzlies are typically characterised by tall height, large or muscular body type, minimal grooming and aggressive style of love making combined with a generally affectionate & open attitude.
Yeah, the ropes chafed me something fierce, but she was a real Mama Grizzly and put some cream on the sore spots afterward. Best date ever!
by Astaria J October 19, 2010
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