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Malmö is the third largest town of Sweden. Malmö is located in southern Sweden, in a part of Sweden called Scania (Skåne, in Swedish).

By American standards, Malmö is pretty small; Malmö doesn't even have a million habitants.
I was in Malmö yesterday.
by QauNuckShin March 25, 2004
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(pronounced: málmø:, also spelled Malmoe, or misspelled Malmo)

Third largest city in Sweden. Located in the very south (Skåne). Conquered by Sweden with the rest of Skåneland in 1658. Area code: 040. The city harbours strong anti-Stockholm sentiments. The people be called Malmöiter (Eng: Malmoeites).

Malmö FF be the best soccer team in Sweden, and the home club of Juventus' Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Half the population is not ethnically Swedish (24% born abroad). Islam be the most practized religion with 16% Malmoeites muslims. FOX News got all upset by this.

Malmoe be struggeling with high unemployment, highest rates of murder and organized crime Sweden, currupt politicians etc, but is actually a nice place.
Malmöit: Yo bitch can we fuck?
Chic: Fuck you you dirty, slow-talking prick!
Malmöit: I be from 040, y'know.
Chic: I'm all yours!

Guy from Stockholm: Hi, I'm from Stockholm.
Malmöit: Click-clack BLAST
Guy from Stockholm: Cough
by Malmöit November 23, 2005
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Malmö (pronounced Mulm-uh) is the third largest city in Sweden with 300,000 inhabitants.

It's also famous for having a large pool of women who look like Rosie O'Donnell but act like Paris Hilton. The consequence of this is that any attempt to initiate a conversation with a random, mediocre looking woman at a bar in Malmö is usually met with first with an angry look, and then quickly with a pejorative like "get lost".

Because of this, the word "malmö" has started to be used as an adjective to describe any situation or person that can be considered lame, boring, passive aggressive or outright hostile, or acting as if they are something they are not.
- Dude, let's get out of here, the girls at this party are so frigging malmö.

- I talked to this chick but she just turned her back on me; I have no idea why she went malmö on me!

- I tried to change my order with the waitress but she just ignored me. If she is gonna be so malmö, then I'm not gonna tip her!

- I'm feeling so malmö today, I think I'm just going to stay home.
by el_toro_de_malmo September 27, 2013
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