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Over the generations, many people have been minding their own business, getting on with life, and just generally having a laugh. There are a certain group of people that like to put stops to this as violence and some come to the point of being hospitalized after being Malayed. The term can be used in many ways, but the main form is when one is randomly aggravated by an angry group of malaysian youths who are too big for their boots. Those who are malayed usually end up with cuts and some even stab wounds, as being malayed also refers to one being layed off by a group outnumbering you and/or someone or a group of people using weapons agains the classic one on one fighter to get their advantage over their scrawny counterparts.
John: Shit man, the other night i just got randomly attacked by a bunch of caramel kids out of nowhere when I was out for a smoke, now look at this cut!

Mark: Oh shit man! You definetly got malayed.
by TheBestestBrittest November 01, 2009
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