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Malani is your average outgoing, outspoken, goofy, beautiful,"one of the guys" type of girl. Dont hold back around malani because she is the most funnest person to be around, what ever you say might make her laugh until she turns red. you would want to lose a malani, your life wont be the same without her
Yo did you talk to Malani lately?
YEAH! she wouldn't stop say "RAWR XD" tho she's so cool to be around
by @thebeautyoall April 21, 2018
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When you simply cannot get any work done because you're on Urban Dictionary. Or, you're at Late Night Cafe.
I had a shit-ton of work to do, but then Malani happened...
by La dash uh April 25, 2011
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Malani is a very sexy boy who is cute, funny and usually short :) hes fun to talk to aswell
friend1- wow he was nice whats his name?
friend2- o thaats just malani
by directioner212 December 10, 2012
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Has a big booty , loyal and she can be nice sometimes. She is a great bestfriend. & once you get her mad... it’s over with, her attitude is mad but nontheless she is great person.
Malani is great
by Yourdadisamom June 23, 2019
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