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Malae's has long beauty flowing hair. They are so caring beautiful, and trustworthy. They never go behind your back and always have your back. They like to play sports and really like challenges. If your ever in a relationship with a Malae she is really loyal and always have your back. But this does not mean go for a Malae they are not so easy to get she needs a real man that she can trust.
Wow is that Malae her hair her speed I can't believe she's single
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1.A name given from the Gods with the gift of cleansing and fulfillment to his dad bofa!!!!

2.To jump into a ceiling

3.To "put your guard up"

4.To bofa the legendary Trio, CONNZ, TUA, BOFA

5.To have minor nuts in ones mouth!!!

6.To make scones
"hey he did a malae in the ceiling!!"

"G one outs DOX, hurry up and malae"

"can you malae some scones please?"
by sharkboy275 February 29, 2012
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