Maknae is a commong Korean term used by older people, generally young adults, to refer to the youngest in a group. Usually a group of friends. It's often used as a title in place of their name.
Kyuhyun is known as the evil maknae of kpop . He is also the maknae of kpop group super junior
by Pengkyu November 13, 2020
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Golden Maknae is a Nickname for Jeon Jungkook, a member from BTS. Jungkook is the youngest from BTS that's why he is the maknae. The golden stands for how he is good at everything. He is like exceptional in EVERYTHING HE DOES for example Bowling, playing games, sports, singing, dancing etc.. He can pretty much do everything. Even if it's his first try he can somehow manage it to be amazing at it.
Oh, now I can see why Jungkook is called the golden maknae! He is really so good at it.
by booktell October 20, 2019
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Jungkook, from BTS, is called the Golden Maknae because he is the youngest member, and he is weirdly amazing at everything.
'Jungkook wins an archery competition'
Jin: That's our Golden Maknae for you, always the winner!
by Zyra Fae February 26, 2020
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One of the popular aliases/nicknames for K-pop group Super Junior's Kyuhyun who is the main group's youngest member and known to be snarky, mischievous and naughty to his hyungs or older "brothers" (his fellow group members).

The term is also applied to other K-pop maknaes (youngest member) who display non-maknae behavior. DBSK's Changmin is another famous evil maknae and is Kyuhyun's best friend and senior in the industry.
OMG! Kyuhyun is bullying the leader again. He's such an evil maknae!
by Cicquerette December 26, 2011
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Troughout history we have only heard of one maknae this special. There is only one with this much talent. Many may mistake him for a mere baby but he is golden. No matter what he does he does it with his god level skills.

You may have heard of him...? Jungkook from BTS! The Golden Maknae
With that kind of skills it can be no other than JK the golden maknae!!
by Sunshine ARMY March 19, 2019
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The golden maknae of BTS (South-Korean k-pop group)Jungkook ( Korean name- Jeon Jeong-guk (전정국) Being the youngest amd the cutest in the group.
by Jimin has no jams March 11, 2017
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The maknae line is the three youngest boys in the k-pop band BTS and those three members are jimin, v(taehyung) and jungkook
Look at the maknae line being weird like usual
by Vminkook hi June 24, 2017
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