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Makia is a gorgeous girl with a fantastic ass. She is one of the most loyal people you will ever meet, and youre lucky as hell if she cares about you because she will always be there. Shes super funny and crazy smart. Her hair is luscious and her smile is bright. Plus her eyeliner is perfection. If you have a Makia in your life treat her well, because shes not a person you want to lose from your life. If you give her a reason to make her hate you, she can make your life a living hell with a snap of her fingers and she knows how to fight.
Person 1- Woah, who's that fine girl over there, shes got an ass!
Person 2- Careful man, she's Makia, keep her on your good side
by MemeGoddess November 04, 2016
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She's a girl that's really hot all the guys want her. She has the cutest cheeks laugh smile and eyes. If you have a makia in your life your lucky and if you can call her yours you're even luckier. She also has the nicest booty.
"Dang Makia is so hot"
by Kdh_7.3 July 22, 2016
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