Makenzy is so quiet when you first meet her, she is like afly on the wall observing and acting shy. She is really just trying to read you but looks as though she's passing judgement, she really just doesn't want other to judge her, because she is so sensitive. She is very complex and like the simple things in life, like snacks and taking care of her pets or family. She won't be the first person on the dance floor but she will definatelybe the last! ! She can be like a hermit sometime and will only hang with one or two friends and is super goofy. And cared about your feelings before her own. But don't mistake her kindness for weakness. She will easily drop your friendship if you don't act right and start drama. She don't have time for that. Don't embarrass her or call her out, or you will be blocked before you could even say you're sorry!. Too late! She has a big heart and will do anything for her family. Speak ill of her famy or disrespect property or animals and she will drop you like a hot potato. No one can match her style. She is unique and by the time you start to copy her style she's already got a new style. She's no copy cat. Easily replicated, never duplicated. She is a bird of her own feather, she doesn't flock together! She gets things done so quick and efficient, by the time you start to do it, you didn't even know she's already did it for you! You can thank her later! If you find a Makenzy keep her, because she will feed you good!
Dang that girl is so swaggy! She must be a Makenzy!

That girl is on a whole other level, she's on a Makenzy Level!

Was that a ninja who just handled that thief? No, that was a Makenzy!
by Meldawg726 November 24, 2021
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