To do something and complete it. Usually under extreme circumstances.
you have two days to build this house from scratch. Make it happen girl.
by donnie chan February 27, 2007
To use a resourceful, underhanded, or primitive approach in problem solving that generally eschews a more sophisticated or otherwise superior method.
Joe: I threw my frisbee on the roof by mistake and now I can't get it down.
Rick: Here's a garbage can lid, some steel wire, a hole puncher, and some caulk. Make it happen!
by tirefire April 3, 2007
When someone tries to start a cultural trend that will never catch on.
My cousin always wears purple socks on Wednesday. He hopes that eventually other people will start doing it and he will become famous for creating the trend. Whenever I see him on Wednesday I say, "Jaime, stop trying to make fetch happen."
by Raina Weather July 28, 2008
A fun saying that rolls off the tongue, can be used in so many situations.
Ron: Ayo what's good with it Billy?

Billy: Yo yo I'm good but I ain't got no money for that food doe! I'm going for a job interview now.

Ron: Make it happen cap'n
by I'm a gus grenade October 10, 2017
- Something you can say you're going to do as an excuse to get drunk with a "purpose" which is to "make shit happen".

The idea is that planning out an evening is stupid. The key is to start drinking and let the booze take you on a journey.

"Making shit happen" is purposely vague as to allow your imagination to conjur up images of whatever drunken revelry it can.

- An excuse to attempt an awesome but usually ineffective play in a game or sport

- Change the game

- Create a ridiculous situation one way or another, usually involving alochol and/or bad judgement.
People sitting at home:

P1: "What are doing tonight?

P2: "Nothin much, why?"
P1: "Figured we could get drunk and make shit happen"
P2: "I'm there."

People playing beer pong:

P1: "What the hell dude that was a stupid-ass off-the-wall bounce"

P2: "I don't know about you but I'm tryin to make shit happen here, we're down 8 cups! If I make that shot that's a moral victory right there, not to mention the 2 cups it puts down. Good shot in my book."

Playing basket ball person one pulls up from 28 feet: "NBA THREE!" *air ball*

Treammate "What the fuck was that?"

P1: "Making shit happen dude, what the hell are YOU doing to help the team win?"

Teammate: "God dammit..."
by PBEARodactyl January 25, 2011
If you want it, you get it
if it needs to be done, you get it done
if you don’t like it, you change it
by imbeatingonyodog February 4, 2022
1. Originally the slogan of the children's cereal Captain Crunch, wherein the hungry kid is taken aboard the Captain's ship and receives Captain Crunch; thus the kid is no longer hungry.

2. Referring to a night of drinking Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum .
-Infers you got(or will get) some action as a result of drinking Captain.
Kids - "Captain Crunch!"
Captain Crunch - "You and the captain, make it happen."

"Bro, I hooked up with this hot ass girl last night."
"Hey, you and the captain, make it happen."
by Jack Daniels Northrup April 4, 2006