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Blond bimbo, who will fuck anyone for anything, or nothing. Shes the biggest whore you'll ever meet.
Guy1; So i met Makayli last night
Guy2; So you got your dick sucked?
Guy1; What how'd you know?
Guy2; She told me while i fucked her last night and it only cost me a licorice stick!
by Immabananaaaa October 28, 2011
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A whinny, bitchy girl that looks kind of like Shrek and the creature from the goonies had a kid. She has a RBF and is always complaining and trying to stir up drama. Oh and she's also flat chested
person 1: AAH A MONSTER!
person 2: No that's just makaylis.
person 1: Oh, is it a boy or a girl
person 2: I'm not sure
by The almighty Wizard Horse December 27, 2017
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