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The girl that walks down the street with the glow around her. That's how you know she's different and more special than everyone else.
"Hey who's that?"


"I'm in love with that girl."
by The Most Amazing One August 20, 2011
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maizie is the pure accents off beauty. A hawt sexy piece off ass. Once you see a maizie your already in love.
Dude 1: Damm bra look at that maizie shes so fine.
Dude 2: NO SHIT.
by Maxypad August 23, 2007
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The baddest bitch alive who can make a wing shaper than a baby's toenail. Probably taste like corn. refrain from making eye contact unless you want a bombass rant about women's rights and slutshaming. Highkey will beat your ass at any given time. She is a sex-ed legend and knows STDs better than members of her family. She's cute as fuck. She has perfectly groomed bushman eyebrows. She pepes the glow. And she's topshit. If you get your hands on a maizie don't let her go.
Goddamn, look at that maizie.

I just want to look like a maizie
by Greenyjules April 10, 2017
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boy:hey brah have you seen that maizie girl
boy2:bro she’s mine!!
boy:no she ain’t
by black_nah2 November 26, 2018
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A girl you think is nice but isn't. She's friends with people that she can earn things from and uses you. Ungrateful, mean, show-off and a bratty bitchShe changes people so that she has a better life. Pretty dumb, cause all she thinks about is backstabbing you as secretly as possible...
Day 1
You: Hey, Mazie right?
Maizie: Yeah, Nice shoes!!
Day 2
Girl: Mazie can I borrow a hair tie?
Mazie : Sure.
You: Hey do you have a spare hair tie I could use?
Maizie: Err, NO!!!
by Bitch I'm fabulous... February 11, 2018
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