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Everything is not as it seems. This Daytona Beach school has a surprisingly nice campus that was wrecked in moments by the below average students. Every student from Mainland agrees that they are the best school around; however, no one else seems to agree. The athletics actually are not top ranked, but the students will say otherwise. The school is most notoriously known for being the most ghetto school in the county (being challenged only by Pineridge High School). The school is also known for the fact that the local celebrity Sydney Beiber. Most civilians would agree that Mainland is NOT the school that they would prefer to attend.
Mainland High School student: Ya, we are basically perfect.

Everyone else: Ok but no. Stop.
by Ooo killem October 29, 2013
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Daytona's best kept secret. The most well-rounded students. Synonymous with "and then some" Where athletes have the highest G.P.A.s and no-one is just one superlative (e.g. 'best looking', 'most likely to succeed') Where the untapped potential is actually tapped. Where traditions evolve. Its got the World's Most Famous Beach, the International Speedway, and ... then some
You are so Mainland High School setting all those records. You should so be at Mainland High School with those grades and athletic ability!
by PrincessBarb April 26, 2011
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Mainland is an actual gate way to hell. Known for many rumors and yes there all true. Such as sneaking into the bathrooms to have sex, and drug deals right in your second period. All money is spent on sports good luck for the art teachers supporting their star students with actual skills. A school full of dirty, perverted, and asshole teachers. Your saftey in the school doesn't matter either. Kids will beat you till your blind or throw firecrackers at you. The most disrespectful people you'll ever meet. But you'll make plenty of friends to do drugs with. Plenty of drama to keep you going. You wanna go where no one cares if you succeed go to mainland. But this definitely needed an update I'm positive if you asked any student if they wanted to be there they'd ignore your or say hell no.
Guy 1: Where do I go if I need hoes and depression.
Guy 2: Dude you should come to mainland high school I got five girls, bad grades and a GPA lower than my dick size.
Girl 1: yeah but..
Guy 1 :stfu thot!
by MagicbutterMagic92749 August 19, 2019
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