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Maimoona is a girl who is quite emotional but at the same time enthusiastic, passionate, loving and so very intelligent. She is a dying heart animal lover. She is responsible and knows how to do her work. Challenging her might be a problem for u because even at first she couldn't be able to do that but now she definitely would because according to her u have underestimated her. She has a potential of doing something big but just only needs a spark.
by maimoona September 18, 2016
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Maimoona is a muslim girl who is the complete opposite of her religion. She will not smoke or drink but she will steal from a dollar store. She is completely her own self and she mixes her fashions. Also, she freaks out about things.
britt- "im gonna smoke this cigarette"
maimoona- "noooo! lets go tag a creek instead"
by guyluvr September 12, 2010
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someone short who is the main homie and really fun to be around because it is really fun and entertaining to make fun of their height.
lmaooo look how short maimoona is
by kindaUrDad May 21, 2019
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