to stop caring about a task or event before the task is complete. To not care anymore and mail it in.
Even though I still have 1 exam in 2 weeks im going to mail it in and get ready for summer!
by rustbucket May 11, 2012
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If the term Mail it in originated from the movie, Van Wilder. It has evolved to be used more so in sports now. When a team actually has a chance or shot to win or contend, and they don't even put forth their best effort. Or perhaps settling for par in a quarter to save someone for later in the game or in 1 game in a series of games, or in a playoff stretch. When a team or manager doesn't believe they have a chance, but the fans or players actually do, and a critical decision is made that pretty much lets everybody know.
Fan,"They are only 4 games out with 2 weeks left, and Griffey isn't even the lineup, I can't believe they mailed it in".(the season) Fan,"bottom of the 9th, up 1 run, and you don't bring in the stud closer because you used him last night,they are mailing it in". "The manager is goin to mail it in".
by brian kessel September 20, 2006
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A term used in the 2002 cult comedy Van Wilder. While by the looks of it is not funny, but when yelled in public in everyday life it is hilarious. It is used when somebody does not want to drop something off in fear of something or someone they may encounter along the way.
After Van's unfortunate encounter with the elder admission's director:
Taj- "Do you want to drop of the application or mail it in?"
Van- "MAIL IT IN!!!! Mail it in."

Real Life:
Colin- "So Michael how are you gonna give that thing to that really ugly girl? Are you gonna drop it off or mail it in?"
Michael- "MAIL IT IN!!!!"
by MD-Block June 29, 2005
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Maile is a stunning and beautiful girl with an equally beautiful personality. Maile has a zest for life and can light up a room with her smile. She isn’t afraid to make a silly face and just go with it. She looks amazing when she puts on makeup and yet she looks just as beautiful without it. She is funny, intelligent, passionate, and is open about her feelings. Seeing Maile interact with others is very special as her positivity and happiness reflects onto those she makes a genuine connection with. She knows that we aren’t always accepted for who we are and as a result, she fully accepts others. She makes you feel comfortable with yourself and yet she gives you those nervous butterfly feelings that make you flustered in a good way. She is all about family and she knows who she is and what’s important to her. She has dreams and aspirations and wants to share them with the world. She knows the difference between right and wrong and has strong values. Ultimately, everyone likes Maile. She is so sweet that you will feel happy just spending time with her. She has great taste in ice cream and she frequents Cold Stone. She cleverly picks emoji’s and partakes in memorable inside jokes. Maile is in simple terms, refreshing. She thinks about the future but hones in on the moment. One would admire her outlook on life, her worldliness, and her ability to lighten the mood, be herself, and laugh. When you hear a cute giggle nearby, you will know Maile is just around the corner.
Wait! You can't stop smiling and having the best time ever? You must be hanging out with Maile.
by Wellhelloyeah July 10, 2014
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in northern ireland the term "mailing someone" refers to flirting over text
did you mail him lastnight?
yeah we're meeting up at the weekend
by Urbanilegend December 6, 2016
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Slang for doing the least amount of work possible or slacking off.
Hes really been mailing it in lately, he hasnt finished any of his labs.
by Runki March 15, 2005
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The most beautiful woman you will ever meet. She is beautiful, funny,and caring. She will help out if needed,whether it's by making jokes or just being there, you can't help but feel better if she's around. Her smile lights up the darkest of rooms. Overall just perfect and unforgettable
Dude I just met a Maile 2 weeks ago, I can't forget the night
by LegendKakashi November 26, 2015
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