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to stop caring about a task or event before the task is complete. To not care anymore and mail it in.
Even though I still have 1 exam in 2 weeks im going to mail it in and get ready for summer!
by rustbucket May 10, 2012
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If the term Mail it in originated from the movie, Van Wilder. It has evolved to be used more so in sports now. When a team actually has a chance or shot to win or contend, and they don't even put forth their best effort. Or perhaps settling for par in a quarter to save someone for later in the game or in 1 game in a series of games, or in a playoff stretch. When a team or manager doesn't believe they have a chance, but the fans or players actually do, and a critical decision is made that pretty much lets everybody know.
Fan,"They are only 4 games out with 2 weeks left, and Griffey isn't even the lineup, I can't believe they mailed it in".(the season) Fan,"bottom of the 9th, up 1 run, and you don't bring in the stud closer because you used him last night,they are mailing it in". "The manager is goin to mail it in".
by brian kessel September 20, 2006
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A term used in the 2002 cult comedy Van Wilder. While by the looks of it is not funny, but when yelled in public in everyday life it is hilarious. It is used when somebody does not want to drop something off in fear of something or someone they may encounter along the way.
After Van's unfortunate encounter with the elder admission's director:
Taj- "Do you want to drop of the application or mail it in?"
Van- "MAIL IT IN!!!! Mail it in."

Real Life:
Colin- "So Michael how are you gonna give that thing to that really ugly girl? Are you gonna drop it off or mail it in?"
Michael- "MAIL IT IN!!!!"
by MD-Block June 28, 2005
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