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The coolest girl in the world
The one who can always make me smile
She doesn't know how amazing she is so I always tell her
Can always be trusted
Is a friend for life
Is the funniest person you'll ever meet
Has the sweetest voice
Is hot/sexy lol
That girl is so awesome she must be a mahala.
by anonymous_gypsy_kid November 02, 2013
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Stunningly beautiful, and intelligent. The "creme de la creme".
Wow, check out that "Mahala" over there. Nary a more perfect woman could ever be created.
by Furball February 05, 2005
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A Mahala is a small community within any City in Bosnia. Similar to an area code in the USA.
Mahala's are a tight knit neighborhood where you live with friends and family and often great each other in passing by.
There's Persa from the Mahala on her new bike... she upgraded from a horse just last week.
by BosnianDad March 27, 2015
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south african slang meaning free(of charge). And if you are a South african you always looking for something thats free.
It is a derivation of the Zulu language which means free and has been adopted as a slang term by coloureds.
Its free with mahala on E!!!!
by blouberg meisie July 10, 2008
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Shes very beutiful atistic and special she dosnt feel like people love her when they do you always need to give her attion always
your amazing mahala
by grace pentlon November 22, 2018
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