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A Magnonite is cleaning the 19th level, respectively, what you call “physical world”. Energies of outer/higher levels aren’t allowed and not able to interact with the physical level (our so called 3D world). Yet there are lots of negative energies on our 19th level. These energies were adapted to the 19th level, but they are not a part of it. That is having the effect, that these negative energies can directly influence the 19th level. On the other hand, you cannot clean or eliminate these dark energies without higher energies. That is the reason why the cleaning energies have to be modified correlatively for working on the 19th level. This modification is implemented by the magnets, which are integrated into the Magnonite. The Magnonites generate a carrier wave. The necessary energies will cling onto the carrier wave. Because of that modification, the cleaning energies will be able to work on our level.
I used Magnonite to clean my house energy today
by presbeiaprotoi June 30, 2014
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