1. Slang for Cocaine

2. Magic used for good purposes, especially to counteract evil (contrasted with black magic)
1: "Do you have any of that white magic left bro?

2: “She only practices white magic, she’s a good witch.”
by Lynn821 October 17, 2021
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Calculated seductive moves mixed with an unseen force some woman posess to make men lose all common sense and give into her evil ways.
I kept telling her i didnt want a relationship, yet she kept on trying her whore magic on me. Im better than that voodoo sorcery
by Spanacus March 18, 2022
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What they use as language to trick you in a courtroom. All courts are contract enforcement. They offer you accept. Not justice but trickery
How did your court case go
That damn lawyer used word magic on me. Made me feel better about getting rammed in the ass by the corporate government court crooks
by Dudley durite September 7, 2018
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World of magic is a roblox game that was canceled due to the frame drop and lack of story idea. People sell their souls for a few pixels that are called boss drops. If anybody plays it for too long they will become as fat as a discord mod. Slang for world of magic is wom.
Person 1: Yo I still play world of magic in 2022
Person 2: Hop off wom. Please the game is so boring.
by Theoofderp April 24, 2022
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wow, magic is the words, girls usually say when their boyfriend's are flirting with ugly bitches.
"lumingon lang ako, may kahalikan ka ng dikya, wow, magic"
by MaidenBitch March 15, 2018
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A common nickname used to refer to famous cartoon voice actor, Rob Paulsen.
Every time I turn on the TV, Vocal Magic is voicing a character on the show that's on!
by KikiriBoo March 23, 2013
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Magical Is the bestest-westest person ever!She is a great person and is very kind<3
by ^_S.I.U_^ March 15, 2022
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