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The act of working out in a manor caused by feminine reactions to the new movie "Magic Mike." The trend started growing when men would see female reactions to the movie trailers, thus making the men want to "work out," "get jacked," or one may say "get Magic Miked."
Stacey: "Hey Tom, want to catch a movie in 30 minutes?"
Tom: "Sorry I can't, I'll be getting Magic Miked at the gym. Today I'm doing intense cardio!"
by JAdams989 July 02, 2012
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A verb to describe an action of a male with a desire to turn into a stripper to make their special someone feel good.
Typically performed by more dominant males, who understand the fantasies women have while watching the movie "Magic Mike"
This song is so hot, it makes me want to Magic Mike her.

Guurrll, that bitch over there is getting Magic Miked, I wish my man would do that to me.

"Are you alright Jessica? You look like you're stuck in the clouds"

"I'm fine, I got Magic Miked last night. Can't think straight, it was so sexy"
by Hee heee July 05, 2018
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When someone presses their bare ass against the first person who passes out at a party. Similar to "tea bagging" but with an ass.
"Dude, Anthony passed out early last night so Carlos dropped trow and Magic Miked him."
by Scootious March 13, 2016
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