Guy: "Hey man, wanna come to the club and pick up some bitches?" Other guy: "naaa, I'm gonna hang out with my bro and play magic tonight."

Girl: "oh that guy is kinda cute, do you think he has a girlfriend?" Other girl: "I don't think he does, I saw him playing with magic cards the other day."

"Yo man, have you got a condom?" "No, but I've got a hard deck of magic cards."
by Bevroren eend October 28, 2021
Something similar to Pokemon losers play at practically all schools. What they do is just trade cards and stuff.
Kid 1: Are they playing poker?
Kid 2: No, they are in the Magic Card Club and are playing with magic cards!
by Anonymous March 12, 2004
fake ID card used by underage kids

hey man can I hold $100 to get a magic card made so that I can get into the club tonight?
by TushiGizzle April 6, 2006